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Our event hire locations

Our museums, monuments and art centres at your disposal for your events.

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Hire the Bassins
des Lumières

Event offerings

Cocktail parties

All of the areas can be reserved for your cocktail parties for 50 to  885 people. This service also includes the projection of current immersive digital exhibitions, beautiful architectural lighting and the possibility of ending with a dance party.

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All of the areas can be reserved for your seated dinners for 50 to 700 people. This service also includes the projection of current immersive digital exhibitions. Discover a wide range of possibilities by organizing your seated dinner on the catwalks, workshop 4 at the foot of the stage, the Cube, or workshop 2 at the foot of the cistern.

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Professional events

The layout of the areas and the on-site technical equipment (integrated video projectors and sound system) make the Bassins des Lumières the ideal location to create an evening event that combines an immersion in art history and the presentation of your customised projections.

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Private visits

The Bassins des Lumières also offers you the opportunity to welcome your guests on special and private tours, for breakfast in the morning before opening to the public, or an afterwork glass of champagne in the evening.

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Tailor-made events

The projection equipment in the Bassins des Lumières offers different visual effects and presentation styles, depending on the requirements of your event. Bright signs, walls of water, Cube or full covering are all possible. In addition, our art catalog makes it easy to personalize your evening.

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Current program

From Vermeer to Van Gogh / Cosmos Destination 

Summer 2024

During the day, immerse yourself in the genius of the painters of the North and their authentic paintings that are faithful representations of nature and its themes. The monumental basins are the perfect setting for a daydream along the Flemish canals, following in the footsteps of the great masters who represented the ordinary in an extraordinary way.

During the night, dive into a maze of stars, planets, nebulae, and supernovae. The sky and its stars have always exerted a great fascination on man, exploring the unknown expanses of the universe has been his dream since time immemorial.

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In Bordeaux’s former submarine base, Culturespaces created a digital art center in 2020. The Bassins des Lumières, which are the largest digital arts centre in the world, presents monumental immersive digital exhibitions, dedicated to major artists in the history of art and to contemporary art.