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Hire the Bassins des Lumières

Created by Culturespaces in the Bordeaux submarine base, the Bassins des Lumières presents immersive digital exhibitions devoted to the major artists in the history of art and contemporary art. With 12,450 sqm of projection surface, the Bassins des Lumières is the largest fixed multimedia installation in the world. Thanks to its exceptional technical equipment, the Bassins des Lumières provides you with the possibility of transforming and modernising your presentations by creating an environment that is perfectly adapted to your event.

Private event offers


  • Breakfast

Morning from 8.30 a.m. to 10 a.m., continental breakfast with pastries, tea, coffee and fruit juice, up to 100 guests.

  • Glass of Champagne

From 6:30 to 8 p.m., consisting of an appetiser with champagne and savoury puff pastries, up to 100 guests.


All of the areas can be reserved for cocktail parties and dinners. The service includes the areas and the projection of any current immersive digital exhibitions (total duration: around 50 minutes).

The caterer and service providers are complementary and will need to be selected from the list of approved service providers.


Corporate events: the layout of the areas and the on-site technical equipment (integrated video projectors and sound system) make the Bassins des Lumières the ideal location to create an evening event that combines an immersion in art history and the presentation of your customised projections.

Tailor-made reservations for private use

The projection equipment in the Bassins des Lumières offers different visual effects and presentation styles, depending on the requirements of your event. You may choose from:


- Architectural lighting: sophisticated lighting highlights the venue’s architecture.


- The screening of current immersive digital exhibitions: offer your guests an opportunity to embark on an exceptional journey that takes them into the heart of the world of painting. Masterpieces by the great masters of the history of art are brought to life, accompanied by music, on more than 3,300 m2 of projection surface. Total duration: 50 minutes.


- A catalogue of still and/or animated ambiances: choose from among a selection of  ambiances related to the exhibition’s theme or other themes.


- Your personalised world: project a video that has been specifically created for your event onto the walls of the Bassins des Lumières  and/or Cube. Our approved service providers are at your disposal to help you to create an entirely personalised video: the creation of a synopsis, the scenography and animation of your media (photos, videos, sound, etc.), the musical soundtrack.



Monblanc Traiteur 
Mrs Violaine d'Armagnac
T +33 5 56 21 61 32

Humblot Canéjan
Mrs Eugénie Le Tanneur
T +33 5 57 26 24 26

Lacoste Eysines 
Mrs Anne Labarre
T +33 5 56 57 59 67

Capdevielle Bruges
Mrs Lucile Duplessy
+33 5 57 19 09 99

Maison Dulou Castres-Gironde
Mrs Léa Lequien
T +33 5 56 67 10 44

Le Nectar traiteur
Mrs Eva Buisson Stich
M +33 6 5976 63 43 / +33 5 56 32 15 30

David Chambaud Traiteur
Mr Nicolas Renaudie
M +33 6 50 75 44 06

Technical (sound and lights, staging, projection)

Novelty (audiovisual)
M +33 6 73 58 86 27

AudioPro (sound and light)
T +33 5 57 92 94 00

Cutback Live
Mr Romain Perussel
M +33 6 63 59 72 94

Studio HKI

Mrs Nathalie Melato
T +33 0 1 53 41 02 23

M +33 0 6 82 58 43 80


All of the areas can be reserved for private use and the guests will be able to wander around freely and view the digital exhibitions in the current programme.

The Cube

225 m2

350 pax

150 pax

Workshop 2

400 m2

600 pax

310 pax

Workshop 3

220 m2

400 pax

160 pax

Workshop 4 + Mezzanine + Stage

446 m2

600 pax

250 pax


240 m2

200 pax

150 pax

Charlotte FALZONE 
+33 6 47 62 43 54



+33 6 83 52 54 99